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modificationSee Interstate Cases for extra information. “The time period [modification] can also be utilized in morphology to check with a strategy of change within the root or stem of a form, as within the vowel changes between the singular and plural of some nouns in English (man ~ men), or in instances of suppletion. In this, and associated senses, the term is also present in historical linguistics.


The BSC Change process is used to progress adjustments to the BSC preparations in response to any concerns, issues or defects that Parties may establish within the current processes. Under these processes, modifications could be made to the Balancing and Settlement Code, its Code Subsidiary Documents and to BSC Systems.

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Questions and Answers about Health Care Information Forms for Individuals

about healthIf the affected person has a well being care proxy, the health care agent named within the proxy makes selections. If a affected person does not have a well being care proxy, a legal guardian (or the person highest in precedence from the surrogate listing, generally known as “the surrogate”) makes selections. Patients may categorical selections verbally or in writing. A hospital or hospice affected person or, nursing residence resident may not verbally decide to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining therapy until two adults witness the choice. One of the adults should be a health care practitioner on the facility.

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